Reading and Phonics


At Kingswood Primary School and Nursery our children are taught reading skills from Nursery. We teach the children Word Reading using a Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach and use the Letters and Sounds document (Phases 1 – 6), Support for Spelling, as well as following the requirements of the English Curriculum.  The skills taught are adapted to the needs of our children.

Our children are taught the individual letter sounds (phonemes) and then build up to blending (synthesising) these sounds together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words. They are taught to pronounce each sound in a word, then to blend the phonemes together to form the word (e.g. /c/ - /a/ - /t/; "cat").  This knowledge can also help the children when spelling the new words they hear by segmenting words into sounds.

This systematic approach is useful and our children are taught sets of initial sounds (phonemes), which they are then taught to blend (synthesis) them.  These sets build up and become more complex.  The sounds are taught in a specific sequence.  

Our children are also taught sight recognition words (words that don’t lend themselves to the decoding rules). Therefore the children learn the shape and letter combinations for these words.  This contributes to supporting fluency when reading as it allows our children to gain in confidence.  


In Reception, we introduce Guided Reading and this continues through into Years 1 and 2.  Comprehension and vocabulary are taught throughout topics, shared stories and discussion during class time and Guided Reading sessions.

Our school Reading Scheme incorporates published reading schemes which are organised into coloured bands in KS1.  

Nursery children are also encouraged to choose a book to take home.  When children are ready (from Nursery upwards) they are able to select their own books from the first coloured bands in the scheme.  

The children enjoy selecting their own books and using their classroom libraries.  

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