Our mission statement: Discover, Believe, Achieve is founded in the belief that at our school the pupils will discover their abilities in as many disciplines as possible. We will strive to give our pupils every opportunity to experience as many activities (both in and as part of our extra-curricular timetable) as possible. By discovering their abilities, our pupils will start to believe in themselves as we will believe in them. With this discovery of self-belief they will start to achieve. We will teach our pupils that success only occurs through hard work and setting challenges. 

The values that will guide our curriculum and conduct everyday are:

Respect: To treat others the way you would like to be treated and do your best for everyone and everything.
Resilience: To persevere and believe anything is possible
Self-belief: To have confidence and determination to flourish
Communication: To be able to interact positively with each other
Adaptability: To be able to embrace change and move forward
Being Supportive: To show empathy, give encouragement and support others