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Welcome to Nursery

Our Staff

    Miss Jones                      Mrs Panons                  Mrs Keeler                    Miss Hemmings
     Class Teacher               Nursery Nurse            Nursery Nurse             Nursery Apprentice


This page will have information about Nursery. If you are still unsure please speak to a member of staff in Nursery.

Session Times

Morning Session: 8:45 - 11:45
 (access Nursery via the KS1 playground)

Afternoon Session: 12:15 - 3:15
(12:15 access Nursery via the gate on Terling & 3:15 via the KS1 playground)

Spring Topic
Take One Rhyme

We are learning lots of new Nursery Rhymes. Can you join in with me too?

Here is a video of the children singing one of our Nursery Rhymes on Nursery Rhyme Day.

Morning Children

Afternoon Children

Nursery Notices

  • Please remember to bring your child's library book to school.
  • At school we are learning to fasten our zips and putting on our shoes and soks. Please practise this at home with your child.

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