Meet the Staff

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Leadership Team

Mrs Wallace - Headteacher
Mrs Campkin - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Warman - Deputy Headteacher

Nursery Team

Mrs Smith
Mrs Panons
Mrs Keeler
Miss Hemmings 
Miss Sutton

Year 1 Team

Miss Disley
Mrs McMillan
Mrs Randall
Mrs Adams
Mrs Sherridan
Mrs Murphy Rowe

Year 3 Team

Mrs Laguda
Mrs Blyth
Mrs Duckett
Mrs Curtis
Mrs Flowers
Mrs Sargeant

Year 5 Team

Mrs Nethersole
Miss Baird
Mr Nicholson
Mrs Quinlan
Mrs Shaw
Mr Townsend

French and Science Teachers

Mrs Fogarty
Mme Morgan

Mid Day Supervision 

Site Manager

Mr Conroy

S.E.N Support

Mrs Belcher
Mrs Reville

Reception Team


Mrs Almond
Mrs Holt
Mrs Catchpole
Mrs Plumb
Mrs Sheehan

Year 2 Team
Mrs Bright
Miss Cutter
Mrs Anderson
Mrs D'Lima

Year 4 Team

 Miss Squibb
Mrs Plumb
Miss Saeed
Mrs Thomas

Year 6 Team

Mrs Gosling
Mrs Parker
Mrs Warman
Miss White
Mrs Kightly

LSA PE  Specialist

Mr Townsend

Office Staff Team

Mrs Atkins
Mrs Cohen
Mrs Belton
Miss Hawkins


Mrs D'Lima 

Mrs Freeman