Invaders and Settlers


By Mackenzie 


Chapter 1

Wiglaf was a brave and fearsome warrior and leader who was never afraid to fight. He got ready to set off on his journey. His shield was as silver as his sharp sword.

He became leader when the former leader, Beowulf, died whilst fighting the mighty dragon. Before he died, he asked Wiglaf to take his place as leader. Now that Beowulf was gone, Wiglaf had been fighting many beasts.

His ship was aged and had lots of holes in it. His warriors were as brave as Wiglaf. When the crew got on the ship, the waves got more and more heavy as they sailed across the sea; the wind got stronger and heavier as they got further away from land.

As they set off on their journey, the wind was screaming in pain as if it had been hurt. The ship got out of control as the wind got stronger. The men’s fingers were freezing cold and the mountains were filled with trees but it was so foggy you couldn’t see anything!


Chapter 2

As they made their way to the home of the monster, Wiglaf was about to fight his crew. The three-headed monster was about to attack Wiglaf and all of his men, but luckily, Wiglaf had a plan. He was going to trick the monster into thinking that he was there, but it was actually one of his men. He did this so he could distract the beast and attack it. He got his sword out followed by his shield. The beast tried to get one of the men (the one distracting it) but it kept missing. Wiglaf waited for the right time to attack. After waiting for a while, he finally chopped off one of the legs. The beast, which was called Barghests, roared so loudly that even the village where the monster had first attacked could hear it and they were quite far away.

After one beast was gone, another one came along and started to attack. Wiglaf thought he could do the same again but nobody agreed with him! Wiglaf knew lots about beasts, but what he didn’t know was that there was a magic gem that helped them live forever until it is stolen or broke.

Chapter 3

He tried and tried to kill him but it was nearly impossible until he noticed the gem. Wiglaf now had another mission! He thought up a very clever plan! As you already know, Wiglaf knew all about monsters, and he knew exactly what he was going to do, he was going to cut the gem off…

WIGLAF by Annamaria

The intrepid and mighty Beowulf left Wiglaf as the leader of the Geats before his death. He was badly wounded during his fight with the violent dragon. Wiglaf told his people that he was the new king and they all cheered.

The years went by and the people loved their benevolent and conscientious king. He was always very helpful and kind to his people. One day he heard about a cantankerous beast hurting people from a different tribe. He remembered Beowulf’s victory when he defeated the colossal beast Grendel, so he decided to go and help the other tribe.

It was dark and the ship was pitching and tossing. The colossal mountains stared at them as if they were going to hurt them; the violent waves shouted at them angrily. The clouds were diabolical and the lightning was furious. The things on the ship slid across the deck, which was dusty and old, and it was like war.  Wiglaf stood magnificently at the prow of the ship.

He walked towards the king of the tribe and King Beonof immediately led Wiglaf and his chosen soldiers to the beast’s lair. Wiglaf could see his soldiers shivering with tremendous fear after hearing about the cruelty of the monstrous beast. There, in front of them stood an amazingly grotesque creature; his eyes glowing bright red and his sharp teeth made the soldiers shiver even more.  

Wiglaf approached the monster cautiously and scanned the area as the monster burst into raucous laughter. He immediately ran towards Wiglaf; he ducked and ran around the beast. The beast ran after him but Wiglaf cut his arm off. The avaricious monster cried in pain and then he became furious. He ran towards Wiglaf and he was going to hurt him but before he could do anything, Wiglaf put a sword through the beast’s body and the men started stabbing the evil creature. Wiglaf stood straight, proud of his own skill and bravery. The chivalrous and phlegmatic Wiglaf immediately went and told king Beonof about their victory. The king held a feast and they feasted all night. Wiglaf was proud because he was able to do what his amazing king Beowulf had done in his life.

WIGLAF by Aicha 

Chapter 1

Wiglaf, who was a benevolent king, started to wonder if the land near him needed a bit of help because devilish monsters were trying to kill everyone there. Wiglaf became king because when the other mighty king died, Beowulf said that Wiglaf should become king. And he did because Wiglaf came to help him when Beowulf was fighting the dragon so Beowulf thought he would be a successful leader.

One night Wiglaf decided that he was going to travel to the land beside him.

He set sail on an old wooden ship. He took with him: a very shiny shield; a glistening sword and his bear skin cloak. The thunder got angrier and angrier as Wiglaf kept sailing on. The ship kept pitching and tossing, as all the soldiers were sailing on. The mountains looked like they were staring seriously at all of the soldiers. Wiglaf and his crew finally arrived at the village.

Chapter 2

The magnificent beasts stood opposite Wiglaf, eye to eye. Wiglaf approached the beasts cautiously; his eyes were scanning the place. The monsters drew closer and closer to Wiglaf, but luckily Wiglaf dodged. The beast laughed a monstrous laugh. Wiglaf smiled confident in his own skills. The beasts jumped up on him but Wiglaf managed to duck. Wiglafs’ warriors were fighting some other dark, evil monsters. Wiglaf finally defeated the dark elves with his glistening sword, blood spilling out everywhere.

Chapter 3

Wiglaf and his crew left the village, all content and happy. The village was never harmed again, but Wiglaf was badly wounded and could not walk. He decided that he would have to give the role of king to someone else. He announced that he would give the role of king, to a special warrior named Helaf. Wiglaf then died. In later years Helaf became a very important leader.