The Victorians

Our first half term has been focussed on learning about the Victorians.  We have learnt about Queen Victoria, the class system, the industrial revolution, the great exhibition and the education system. 


Our English units and outcomes were to:
  • Write a modernised  version of The Charge of the Lightbrigade.
  • Write a crime scene description for Sherlock Holmes.
  • Participate in a debate about whether Henry Catlin's punishment was warranted.
  • Write a persuasive speech regarding Henry Catlin's punishment.
Here are some examples of our crime scene descriptions.

Abrupt footsteps were forced through the rain. The compelling wind drove towards a tall, thin framed figure. With purpose, Sherlock Holmes strolled onwards with his piercing eyes observing an elaborate towering house. He glimpsed at the arched door, keenly he walked up the gravel aisle; his tweed cloak and hat were drawn back by the striking wind.
He forced his hand forward. The front door opened. This slim, upright figure stood in the narrow archway. Police had boarded up the stairs. Gradually, he crept his way to the living room door. There was an eerie silence. He pushed the door open wearily. Something or someone had stopped him...
Glancing over to the window, Sherlock noticed a strong smell of paint filled the room. Gradually, he realised blobs of paint were falling, creating a vivid puddle spreading all over the maroon mat. Holmes ran his finger around the window pane, he processed that whatever had happened someone had tried to cover up all the value evidence. His finger was covered in paint, however traces of vibrant crimson liquid were just about visible on Sherlock's finger. 
By Kacy

Sherlock knew something was wrong inside. Silently, he opened the door, another crime scene was revealed. There is was. A whole, complete mess! Furthermore, he looked around the room; glass shards scattered were scattered across the floor. "Shouldn't there be other clues from this?" he asked himself holding up his binoculars.
As he peeked closer, a tomato sauce coloured liquid covered a shard of glass. So mysterious...
By Caleb

Here is an extract from Georgia's modernised version of Charge of the lightbrigade.

Half a mile, half a mile,
Half a mile longer,
All in the depths of despair,
Charge the six thousand,
Onward the light brigade,
"March for the guns!" he said,
Into the depths of despair,
Charge the six thousand.

Onward the Light Brigade,
Was there a soldier dismayed?
The men were oblivious,
Someone had misinterpreted,
They were unable to reply,
They were unable to question why,
All they could do is do and die,
Into the depths of despair,
Charge the six thousand.

We became very animated during our debates and speeches about Henry Catlin's deportation to Australia as a result of stealing money. 
Video clips will be available for viewing soon. 

During art sessions we learnt about William Morris and his inspiration. We then created our own designs and prints.