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Mexico City - Miss Wilcox

We are determined to succeed as a class, when we learn from the past. 
Weekly schedule.
Here is our weekly schedule.
  • reading records due in 
  • afternoon PE session. 
  • Optional homework club.
  • Optional homework club.
  • homework due in. 
  • afternoon PE session
  • Science and French.
  • homework  given out
  • Parent drop-ins
Welcome to Mexico City class! 

Please keep an eye on our webpage as every half term we will update the website so that you can see our amazing work.

Below is the link to Mathletics, this fantastic website will support you in improving your maths skills. Not only are there a variety of activities for you to complete but there is also LiveMathletics where you can log on and compete against your friends and even people from the other side of the world. You might even get your name in the top 100. Enjoy and good luck!

View our class blog here.

This year we have some exciting topics. They are:

Disasters and Wonders
The world is our oyster
Be a star!