Into the Darkness

The Raven by Christy                         

Once upon a scary midnight,

While I wondered why Halloween had come so ghostly,

Over many bats and fearsome spiders moving mysteriously

Across the creaking floorboards in the night.

When I sat there,

A shadow upon the floor, I muttered, scared to death,

Suddenly, there came a rapping , rapping at the door,

“Tis some visitor!” I whispered.

Only this and nothing more.


Bleak October was about to scare me out of my skin, A ghost appeared upon the floor,

Begging me to open up the door,

Begging me, begging me to open my chamber door,

Only this and nothing more.

Trapped by Owen

It was a late, black midnight while a boy called Max was tossing and turning in his rough and lumpy bed. As he jumped from his nightmare about a dinosaur and a caveman, his lips felt dry and sore. So he flung back the cover and toppled out from his bed and sneaked down the creaky wooden stairs to the kitchen. He turned on the rusty tap. But instead of water coming out it sucked up Max and threw him out into a spooky and scary time to live...

The time of the dinosaurs was upon Max, 65 million years from his loving family and dog Frankie. Max was in the middle of a hot sandy plain, in the middle of nowhere. The only place on the whole plain was a dark, dull mysterious cave. Max entered the dark cave. Nothing was there. But then a voice shouted, “Who enters my cave?”

The voice rumbled around the hollow cave and a caveman stepped out of the darkness and he roared, “I am Ugg and no one enters Ugg’s cave!”

A shiver went up Max’s spine as he stumbled out of the pitch black cave just to find thousands of man eating dinosaurs. Would he survive?

Max ran down the old decrepid sand path to the volcano. A dinosaur ran up to him.

“Where am I?” wondered Max as he wandered down the river of blood. Suddenly he froze. There, in front of him, was a baby dinosaur. Thirty seconds later a rumble spread around the dinosaurs belly and a colossal burp was let out as the dinosaur and Max hurtled into Uggs cave...

“Who do we have here then? bellowed Ugg as he stepped out from the dark cave. “Who’s this then?” shouted Ugg. “Because I hope you’re ready to die!” Ugg said as he got a sharp stick and threw it at the baby dino.

“Noooo!” shouted Max “That dinosaur has the key back to my real life!” He would now never get back home and his nightmare had come true.

The Raven by Rhea

It was a dark and dreary night,

Where I sat in the pitch black living room,

Wondering, wondering why I hear whispers talking to me.

The lights made a sudden flicker and

There in front of me stood a misty black figure,

It was a ghost,

She muttered, “Get the mask!”

Only this and nothing more.


I sat there tensed, tensed with my head in my hands,

Pondering, pondering what had I done?

Restless, after the terrifying incident,

I couldn’t sleep,

I was like an owl

The next morning, a permanent mark on my shoulder stood,

My mouth dropped,

Only this and nothing more.

The Great Adventure by Rosie

The eerie, gloomy forest was cold and wet and creepy, with spooky vines hanging from above with the light piercing through the big, bold trees. It made Jack and Elle shiver with fear. Whilst they walked along the forest floor, they started to get more worried than they did earlier.

“I think we should turn back.” Elle said with a trembling voice.

Jack was about to turn back and trace his footsteps...when suddenly he saw that the path they had walked on before had gone!

They were terrified. What if a horrible man, a kidnapper, jumped out at them? What could they do? Call for help? Hope everything was okay and it was all just a silly dream?

“AARRGGHH!!!” There was a high pitched scream coming from not far away.

“What was that?” Jack questioned.“Elle where are you?”

“I am over here, look at this!”

Jack ran over to see what the strange problem was. As he turned round to see what it was...”WOW!”

In shock, Elle gasped, so did Jack. It was a huge grave yard filled with frosty smoke in the air. You would get the shivers just by looking at it. If you looked up you would see a dull, creepy sky filled with bats and ravens...