British Values

Promoting British Values
The Department for Education have recently reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”
At Kingswood Primary School and Nursery we promote British Values in the following ways:

Pupils have a voice within the school and are instrumental in developing the grounds and curriculum. Pupils are elected from each class to sit on the school, food, eco, sport and arts council and they organise days and events to improve Kingswood. This year, a tuck shop has been organised in Key Stage 2 and the food council have organsied inter house sports competitions. Our food council have worked with the catering manager to alter the menu and the school council have organised raising money for Children in Need. Every year, Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to stand for a position on the junior management team or become a prefect. 
School Council visiting Kelvedon St Mary's Primary School to share ideas

Rule of Law
The values of the school are referred to regularly and the pupils are rewarded through 'dojos' house points for following the values. The school has a behaviour management policy and pupils are praised and rewarded for following the rules. There are also consequences to their actions should they break the rules of the school. We encourage visitors to the school to talk through rules and laws.These include: Stephen Metcalfe (MP), the fire service and the police. Pupils devise their own class rules and they are rewarded as a collective for following the agreed rules. 

Individual Liberty
Pupils are encouraged to be their own person. They are given freedom of choice in regard to their learning where they can select their own level of challenge. Pupils from all classes can join one of the school's councils, if they are elected by their class peers. This year we have a school, eco, arts, food and sport council. Pupils are safe within the school and this allows them to express their individuality. Debates are encouraged and planned into the curriculum; pupils are taught to vocalise their thoughts in a respectful manner being considerate of other's feelings. Online safety is taught within the curriculum as are other areas of pupils keeping themselves safe such as, drug education. This allows pupils to make informed choices when expressing their freedom. 

Mutual Respect
The school prides itself on the values for which we stand. Respect is one of our values and pupils are taught to respect people with whom they work and also the environment in which they learn and live. We work closely with other schools, such as Woodlands secondary school and institutions to teach children about what it means to be a responsible and respectful citizen. We celebrate key festivals such as Remembrance Day and talk about how we show respect on these occasions. Pupils understand what it means to be respectful and their conduct around school would demonstrate this. 
Remembrance Day celebrations
Tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs
Our assembly program teaches pupils about key festivals from other religions. The school celebrates the different faiths of pupils and promotes these in lessons. Pupils with specific knowledge have delivered lessons to their peers with great success and impact. The school follows the Essex scheme of work for Religious Education that promotes different religions, faiths and cultures. The school has close links with Kingswood Baptist Church and Stuart Elmes, the pastor of the Baptist Church, regularly visits the school, especially at key times throughout the Christian calendar. This year, the school along with the church, have collected shoeboxes for 'cry in the dark' appeal.